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As Australia and New Zealand Go, so Goes Oceania

For purposes of this article, Australia, New Zealand plus the Pacific Islands combine to form the economic region known as Oceania. From a practical standpoint, only Australia and New Zealand are looked at seriously by global investors. The Pacific Islands are small in size with limited natural resources, narrowly-based economies, large distances to major markets, […]

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Did you Know GDP for ASEAN Countries Totals $7.4 trillion USD? Opportunity Abounds for Global Investors

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) closed 2017 with a GDP of approximately 2.76 trillion USD. How many of our readers would have guessed the ASEAN economy is so substantial. You may also be interested to know that ASEAN population (642.7 million) is almost double that of the US. Indonesia alone reported a […]

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