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Expand Your Business Internationally – How to Properly Plan International Expansion

Our population has become increasingly mobile and globalized. Internet access is ubiquitous, with most people carrying around mini-computers in their pockets. There are predictions that by 2020, emerging international markets will be the new global leaders, particularly Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The opportunity to communicate and trade with people around the world has never been so […]

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Global Business Expansion: What Does it Take?

With the ever-increasing scientific and technological developments, reduction in communication barriers and increase in global consumer demand, the importance and requirement of globalization for any growing organization is undeniably evident. Global market expansion for any organization refers to the expansion in its activities on a global scale, outside its home country through foreign investment. The idea is […]

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Global Mobility: A Planning Checklist

We at Blueback Global have recently designed a global mobility checklist. Global mobility in this framework attributes the process of relocating an employee from the current location of employment (i.e., the home country) to a new foreign location (i.e., the host country) for a short-term assignment, ranging from one to several years. The relocated employee is often referred to […]

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