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May 13, 2020 , ,

Update: China’s legislative response to COVID-19

Most businesses in China are slowly returning to work and resuming business and production. In the meantime, policies implemented by the central and local government may ease the strain on business. Corporate Income Tax Qualifying enterprises may deduct the full cost of new equipment without depreciation or those in transportation, hospitality, and tourism may carry […]

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Update: Argentina’s legislative response to COVID-19

The Argentinian government has provided grants, financing, and deferments for businesses affected by the coronavirus. Some of the relief, targets micro, small and medium enterprises, while others offer relief for companies that provide healthcare benefits to employees. Social Security Contribution Reduction Employer contributions are reduced by 95% for sectors critically affected by the coronavirus pandemic, […]

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Update: Mexico’s legislative response to COVID-19

The Mexican government has implemented legislative changes, grants, incentives, and extensions to ease the strain on the business. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has pledged a 25,000 pesos ($1,000) credit for business owners, but that has yet to come to fruition. Debt Rescheduling The government has temporarily adjusted the accounting rules for banks and other […]

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Understanding legislative impacts in Canada during COVID-19

The Canadian government has implemented many legislative changes, grants, incentives, and extensions to ease the strain on business. The following are the current benefits offered. Your company can use their self-assessment tool to determine which applies to your business. Income Tax Deferral Businesses may defer income tax balances due and instalments until after August 31, […]

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Update: UK’s legislative response to COVID-19

Covid-19 has had an incredible impact on the business world. As a result, the UK government has implemented various legislative changes, grants, incentives, and extensions to ease the strain. This self-assessment tool can help determine which of the following benefits apply to your business: Wage Grant Employers, regardless of size or sector, can claim a […]

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