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May 13, 2020 ,

Update: China’s legislative response to COVID-19

Most businesses in China are slowly returning to work and resuming business and production. In the meantime, policies implemented by the central and local government may ease the strain on business. Corporate Income Tax Qualifying enterprises may deduct the full cost of new equipment without depreciation or those in transportation, hospitality, and tourism may carry […]

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East Asia is the World’s Largest Economy at $29.6 Trillion USD, Including 4 of the Top 25 Countries Globally

East Asia contains the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan. Since the late 1970s, China has moved from a closed, centrally planned system to a more market-oriented one that plays a major global role. China accounts for 71.36% of East Asia’s GDP. According to the World Bank, “China has implemented reforms in a gradualist fashion, resulting […]

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