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When organizations decide to expand internationally, among the first considerations is how to handle payroll. Our global payroll services make it easy to integrate international payroll into your multinational growth strategy.

Blueback Global can manage your company’s entire payroll function for all of your global offices – all with a single point of contact. Our international payroll services change how organizations with international presence manage their payroll operations.

We reduce the administrative complexities that come with international payroll by managing your global payroll operations from a single location – all with the sophistication of having dedicated multiple in-country payroll service providers.

The challenges of regulatory requirements across countries, coupled with language barriers and cultural nuances, can make global payroll processing extremely difficult. Our Global Payroll Services are designed to make payroll processing across multiple countries efficient.

Blueback Global’s International Entity Services (Global IES) solution can help.

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Single Point of Delivery

Our global payroll services provide you with monthly reports from a single point of contact.

We Provide Flexible Options

Monthly payroll funds can be disbursed from your local bank account or through Blueback Global’s Payment Platform in select countries.

Our international payroll services make it flexible and comfortable for your organization to have international payroll without the need for host country payroll providers.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Blueback Global’s international payroll services team reviews all payroll reports for consistency.

We make sure nothing is overlooked. Particularly, payroll changes, non-regular items, and reconciliations are confirmed with you before processing.

We help ensure global payroll compliance with regulatory requirements.

Speedy and Timely Response

We respond to all queries – usually within half a day or within the hour.

Areas We Can Support

Payroll services include the following aspects:

  • Transactional Processing
  • Process regular local payroll
  • Off cycle payroll runs
  • Bonus, allowance, commission, and other non-regular items
  • New employee payroll set up and processing
  • Terminated employee out-processing
  • Withholding tax, payroll tax, and social security contributions
  • Reporting and Compliance
  • Accounting entries for payroll transactions
  • Payroll summary and funds reconciliations
  • Payroll returns
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Social security returns
  • Ad-hoc
  • Employee termination payroll summary *
  • Service award payment
  • Equity compensation reporting *
  • *required in certain countries

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