International Business Registration and Entity Setup

International Business Registration and Entity Setup

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A critical component of international expansion is the need for international business registration and entity setup. This process involves establishing a business as a legal entity in the target country.

Establishing a legal presence in foreign locations also involves more than just a legal entity set up. It also requires local tax registration, employer and social security as well as business license registration. Some jurisdictions need very formal notary and affirmation to register the entity.

To establish an overseas workforce in a foreign country, a company will need an international business registration, which forms the legal entity and allows the taxation of the corporation in that country. Without this legal entity setup, issues will arise, in particular around tax compliance in the foreign country.

The complexities of requirements across countries, coupled with language barriers and cultural nuances, can make the establishment of a legal presence extremely challenging.

Staying in compliance and setting up a legal entity internationally is a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process. Working with experts who have experience in setting up bank accounts overseas, establishing legal corporations, as well as organizing tax reporting, withholding, and payments can help remove the risk from the entire process.

Blueback Global’s Overseas Entity Services (Global OES) solution can help.

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Single Point of Delivery

You will interact with and get updates on the status of each matter from a single point of contact.

We Provide Flexible Options

If you wish to handle some aspects of the overseas entity setup internally (e.g., bank account setup), we can certainly work with your team.

The choice is yours.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Blueback Global’s global team ensures that each step of the overseas entity setup process is reviewed for quality and compliance with local requirements.

Speedy and Timely Response

We respond to all queries – usually within half a day or within the hour.

Areas We Can Support

Overseas entity set up includes the following aspects, fully managed by Blueback Global:

  • Registration
  • Prepare entity registration documents
  • Prepare local entity Articles of Incorporation
  • Advice on corporate governance structure – local Director/Shareholders requirements
  • Apply for and obtain business license and entity registration approval
  • Apply for and obtain a Tax ID
  • Register the newly incorporated entity to be a local employer
  • Post-Incorporation
  • Payroll Setup
  • Social Security Registration
  • Accounting System Setup
  • Local Bank Account Setup
  • Local Indirect Tax – VAT | GST | HST, etc
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial reporting process
  • Financial reporting process
  • Vendor payments process
  • Expense reimbursement process
  • Payroll process
  • Cash management process

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