Accounting and Reporting – International Business Expansion

Accounting and Reporting – International Business Expansion

Blueback Global is the solution

Local accounting and financial reporting for international business expansion, Blueback Global is the solution.

Why expand business internationally? Whether companies are looking to explore new markets or gain a competitive advantage, there are many reasons an organization might consider international business expansion. While the benefits are many, there are challenges that need to be considered. In particular, local accounting and reporting in the host county.

Outsourcing local accounting and financial reporting in an international location are particularly appropriate if the scale and complexity of local operations do not require a full-time internal resource. For companies who want to move quickly into a foreign location, the time and effort to hire full-time staff for accounting might not be desirable.

Further, the complexities of accounting principles and requirements across countries, coupled with language barriers and cultural nuances, can make local accounting and financial reporting extremely difficult.

Blueback Global’s International Entity Services (Global IES) can help.

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Single Point of Delivery

You will receive your global financial and accounting reports monthly, from a single point of contact.

We Provide Flexible Options

Our monthly financial reports are delivered in a standard reporting template, using a consistent chart of accounts, or directly inputted into the local instance of your accounting software/ERP. Or both – the choice is yours.

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Blueback Global’s accounting team reviews all accounting and financial reports for consistency. We help with inter-company accounting by providing monthly reconciliations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Speedy and Timely Response

We respond promptly to all queries – usually within half a day or within the hour.

Areas We Can Support

Accounting Services include the following aspects:

  • Transactional Processing
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Inter-company accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Vendor management and payment processing
  • Prepare Audit schedule and support Audit request
  • Financial Close
  • Consolidation
  • Audit checks & reviews
  • Reconciliation & analysis
  • Period close
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Statutory Reporting

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