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International Operations Management Services We Provide

Blueback Global delivers a more efficient, cost-effective, and focused approach to international operations management. Our experience in global markets and role as a single point-of-contact means you can confidently navigate the complexities of international expansion while reducing risk and strain on internal resources.

Blueback Global has streamlined the process for organizations that aspire to expand internationally. Our expertise in international operations management enables companies to partner with us to leverage international resources and win competitive advantages.

We can assist in the entire lifecycle of global growth, from finding, attracting, and hiring the right foreign talent - to ensuring compliance with all country laws and regulations. All the while, we increase your company’s efficiency by focusing on the aspects that are crucial to multinational growth, including employment, payroll, human resources, compliance, registration, accounting, and advisory.

Learn more about our international operations management services below and schedule a consultation with us to find out how quickly and efficiently we can help your company globalize.

Accounting and Reporting
If the scale of your local operations does not require a full-time internal resource, we can reduce cost and complexity by providing and managing outsourced services. Learn More
International Business Advisory Services
The rules and regulations for international mergers and acquisitions vary significantly by country. Our experience across many different international sectors will smooth your acquisition and integration processes. Learn More
International Business Registration and Entity Setup
Local accounting and financial reporting for businesses expanding internationally, Blueback Global is the solution. Learn More
International Human Resource Management and Immigration Support
Some international operations don’t need a full-time internal HR resource or system, yet still require HR oversight. We can offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house resources that’s fully compliant with local HR laws. Learn More
International Payroll Services
We can manage all aspects of international payroll, and all our payroll reports are carefully reviewed internally before we submit them for client approval. Payroll disbursements can be made directly by our clients or through us. Learn More
International Statutory Compliance
We’ll provide you and your team with timely reminders of Regulatory Compliance submission dates to minimize the risk of non-compliance and any consequent penalties. Learn More

International Outsourced Employer Services

Blueback Global delivers a more efficient, cost-effective, and focused approach to international operations.

International Contractor Support

As your international operations grow, they may require further resources to boost the existing team’s skills and functions. We can help you establish a contractor presence in other markets efficiently and affordably, without the complexity of recruiting in-house staff.

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International Employer Services

We can help you navigate the hiring and onboarding of employees - whether through an employment organization or through newly-established entities.

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Single point of contact

Convenient and effective - A single point of contact for all services

Flexible options

The choice is yours - You choose how you want to operate your monthly reports, payroll, entity, and compliance

Speedy and timely response

Time is of the essence - We respond to all queries, usually within half a day and often within the hour

Quality and regulatory compliance

Quality each step of the way - Blueback Global’s global team reviews each account for consistency, quality, and compliance with local requirements

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