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Employment Spotlight: Singapore Labor Law Highlights

As a professional responsible for expanding operations overseas, you need some understanding of the labor laws in the countries and/or regions you’re considering expanding to. The first in a series of numerous articles will focus on select member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The first ASEAN country covered here is Singapore, […]

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Did you Know GDP for ASEAN Countries Totals $7.4 trillion USD? Opportunity Abounds for Global Investors

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) closed 2016 with a GDP of approximately $7.4 trillion USD. To keep this in perspective, this performance is just under 40% of the United States’ GDP for 2016, which totaled $18.56 trillion USD. How many of our readers would have guessed the ASEAN economy is so substantial. […]

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Entity Set Up – a Hong Kong or a Singapore Company?

Hong Kong and Singapore have always been seen as two fierce competitors that try to attract foreign investments. Both are similar in many ways, and yet, individually possesses competitive advantages over the other. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (“SAR”) of China. Under China’s “one country, two systems” concept, Hong Kong retains its owns judicial […]

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