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Aug 05, 2020

COVID-19 Startup Funding: Venture Capital & Private Equity

It’s unsurprising how venture capital and private equity investors reacted to COVID-19 uncertainty. It has led to more cautious investing, fewer startup funding prospects, and greater competition. Nonetheless, some products and services are booming and startup funding is still available. Prudent startups can still explore opportunities, but they will need a better approach if they […]

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Building a Resilient International Hiring Strategy

International hiring is a necessity for many companies, because they can’t find the talent they need in the U.S. However, recent immigration policy changes have sent businesses into a tailspin. Suddenly, they can’t access the talent they need which could seriously impact their growth, profitability and even survival. These policy changes have brought almost all […]

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Jul 29, 2020

Blueback Global’s Approach to Work from Home

As most of us have begun to navigate the “new normal” in the past 4.5 months, one of the major re-configurations of life has been working from home. Before the pandemic, I was actually already working remotely full time, one of a growing number of American workers doing so. I’ve since joked with friends and […]

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Global Expansion During COVID-19

Global expansion always requires expertise, but especially during these trying times. However, some things remain the same when considering expansion. Basics such as exploring the local business atmosphere, financial viability, and availability of resources are still vital to risk management. Your business still needs to access skilled talent and multiple supply chains to ensure resilience. […]

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Jul 15, 2020 ,

Remote Teams – How to Prepare for Recruiting in Foreign Markets

Hiring the best possible remote teams improves a company’s chances of initial and ongoing success. However, the complexities of recruitment, onboarding, human resources, and compliance increase with expansion. Fortunately, tried and true strategies can reduce complications and smooth the process for hiring your remote teams. Your company can access the most experienced and suitable candidates […]

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What Your Business Needs To Know As International Markets Reopen During COVID-19

Coronavirus lockdowns have seriously impacted business and the global economy. Unless a company was able to transition to remote work or e-commerce they were forced to drastically reduce operations, or suspend business. Some countries are now easing their restrictions, but how and when differs greatly as do business compliance and travel requirements. The pandemic has […]

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International Tax Compliance (Setup and Ongoing)

International tax compliance is an increasingly difficult burden for global companies. Tax rules and regulations, reporting requirements, and tax return deadlines are demanding, vary between countries, and change frequently. It can difficult for business to coordinate with local authorities, especially when they don’t have in-country expertise or dedicated staff. As a result, international tax compliance […]

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International Accounting (Setup and Ongoing)

International accounting follows strict reporting methods and standards, but it often varies between regions. An increasing number of companies run global operations making international accounting compliance extremely important. Many businesses do not have the know-how or resources to meet increasingly difficult international accounting demands. Fortunately, solutions exist. Here are a few of the international accounting […]

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May 30, 2020 ,

Update: Netherlands’ legislative response to COVID-19

The Dutch government has implemented many legislative changes, grants, incentives, and extensions to ease the strain on business. The following are the current benefits offered. Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure (NOW) Employers can claim substantial compensation for 3 months wages, providing they retain their employees and expect at least a 20% loss of turnover. The minimum […]

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May 29, 2020 ,

Update: Belgium’s legislative response to COVID-19

The Belgium government has implemented many legislative changes, grants, incentives, and extensions to ease the strain on business. The following are the current benefits offered. Temporary Unemployment Scheme All employers experiencing a temporary closure of their business or a reduction in workflow due to COVID-19 can invoke temporary unemployment (furlough). Employers can suspend full and […]

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