Event Report: Making Your International Expansion a Success!

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The stunning view of Tower Bridge and the Thames helped set the stage for an engaging evening of discussion on international expansion, co-hosted by Blueback Global for London Tech Week. Blueback partnered with UK-based firms LSS Relocation and Virtuoso Legal to welcome a diverse group of guests to a program offering guidance and practical advice for businesses considering global growth. Combined, the three hosts have helped hundreds of businesses achieve success internationally. The program was kicked-off by James Miller, of global identity data firm GBG, who told the audience of the importance of international expansion to his company’s successful growth to date.

Making Your International Expansion a Success

Blueback Global’s own Rory Adamson discussed the operational challenges of moving a business abroad, emphasising the importance of finding outside help for such an undertaking. Afterward, LSS Relocation’s Susan Gregory provided key insight into the importance of an international mobility policy, to help mitigate risk when relocating individuals in one’s company. And closing the program, Phillip Partington, of Virtuoso Legal, shared some of his expertise on intellectual property law, and how a business’ IP can be affected by moving globally.

Making Your International Expansion a Success

The event in London proved an exciting blend of idea-sharing and networking. Blueback plans to continue organising similar sessions in both the U.S. and UK to create spaces for growing businesses to learn from experts on the extraordinary opportunities of global expansion. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our mailing list for updates on events.

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