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Nov 18, 2019


Ease of Doing Business Rank: 35 Overview   Geographic location Israel is a Middle Eastern country on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon lies to the north, Egypt to the west, the Red Sea to the south and Jordan to the east. Spoken language Hebrew is Israel’s official language. According to a 2011 […]

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Oct 30, 2019


Ease of Doing Business Rank: 57 Overview   Geographic location Kosovo is a disputed territory in southeastern Europe. While many United Nations member states recognize its sovereignty, Serbia and several other countries do not. Serbia lies to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania lie to the west, North Macedonia to the south, and […]

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Aug 31, 2019

North Macedonia

Ease of Doing Business Rank: 17  Overview    Geographic location  The Republic of North Macedonia is a successor state of the former Yugoslavia. It is a landlocked Balkan nation in Southeastern Europe. Albania lies to the west, Kosovo and Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, and Greece to the south.  Spoken language  The official and national language of North Macedonia […]

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Aug 26, 2019

Hong Kong

Ease of Doing Business Rank: 3  Overview    Geographic location  Hong Kong is part of Greater China and consists of 260 territorial islands and peninsulas at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, east of Macau.   It is an Asian Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China operating with limited autonomy under the doctrine of “one country, two systems“.  Spoken […]

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Aug 11, 2019


Ease of Doing Business Rank: 13  Overview  Geographic location  Mauritius is an island state off the west coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Its territory includes one large island and several outer islands.  Spoken language  Mauritius does not have an official language. However, English and French are generally accepted as the official languages of Mauritius and are the languages most […]

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Aug 11, 2019


Ease of Doing Business Rank: 13  Overview  Geographic location  Taiwan, or the Republic of China, is an island nation in East Asia. It consists of a large main island and smaller islands in the Penghu archipelago, South China Sea, and near the Chinese coast.   It is surrounded by the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, Luzon Strait, and South China Sea.  China […]

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