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Lead generation referral awards Employee Referral Awards
Up to 2 hours of paid time off monthly (non-cumulative) to give back to the community – be a volunteer in community social projects, or even at your child’s school to participate
A strong network of global people to know and work with | Opportunity to learn from the best | Global projects – working cross time zones, geography and language
Company matching for 401K plan (up to established limits)
Cell phone reimbursement | Full reimbursement for professional licenses
Great work environment | Competitive remuneration | Generous vacation policy | Maternity & Paternity leave
SPOTLIGHT awards – nominate your co-workers for a spot bonus for exceptional acts – of kindness, of integrity, of service to community, of going over and above etc…. you get the point
Work for fun program – for each work anniversary, receive a free round trip economy air ticket of up to $1,200 to take a vacation in anywhere Blueback Global has business activities. Only condition – meet with a client or our partner locally to build relationships!

Open Positions

Senior Payroll Advisory (Cupertino, CA)

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Title: Senior Payroll Advisor
Funcion: Operations
Type: Full-time or Part-time. Part time requires 16 to 24 hours a week
Reference: JD 17: OP-01
Key Responsibilities:

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Required Qualifications and Skills:

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Manager – Sales and Client Services (London, UK)

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Title: Sales & Accounts – Manager
Funcion: Sales and Client Services
Type: Full-time
Reference: JD 17: SCR-02
Key Responsibilities:

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Required Qualifications and Skills:

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Team Player

Thrives in a team environment.


Sees things from different perspectives and finds innovative solutions.


Accountable, honest, and sincere.

Client Service

Is your strength!

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